The Hubby

My husband and love of my life. He is hardworking, kind, gentle, patient, and he loves the Lord. Some of his favorite things to do are golf, play computer games, and build computer programs. He is extremely smart! He is a total introvert which sometimes drives me nuts, but I know that he balances me out.

 We met each other while on  youth trip out to Colorado which both of our churches went to. We sat together on the bus and since that day have been inseparable. We went to school together but had never talked. He had just graduated and I was going to be starting my senior year.  Chris and I were married May10th, 2008 after dating for 3 years. We were still in college. I loved that first year of marriage. Everyone says it is hard, but we had so much fun. After we graduated college we bought a house in our hometown and we went to work. Chris drove an hour everyday to work as a computer technical consultant and I started work as a home health nurse. April of 2010 we found out that we were expecting a little one and on December 14th, 2010 our little girl Scarlett was born. After Scarlett was born I decided to quirt my job and become a stay at home mom.