Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scarlett's First Haircut

Scarlett got her first haircut just a couple of days ago. It was so hard for me because it means my little girl is growing up. I can not believe she is already 3 1/2. It seems like she has been with us forever, yet it seems to have went so fast. She was a little scared when I told her the night before that she was going to get her hair cut. She told me "It will only hurt a little". I explained it wouldn't but she still had a terrified look on her face the entire time, especially when they were washing her hair. Grandma Anita came for support, mostly for me! Scarlett did good though and looks so grown up with her new "do". It is also much easier to brush through and the fighting to get her hair brush has lessened a little.
The before pic. Look at how long her hair is 

Getting her hair washed. She didn't know what to think with this part.
The after shot!

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