Friday, May 16, 2014


Just thought I would check in for a recent update. ALOT has happened since the last post about Lane. The basics is that we had Lane's tongue tie relasered in New York the end of January. It was a crazy story and I plan to write about it in detail soon. He was adjusted by an incredible pediatric chiropractor and I had my first ever pain free nursing. He did great for about a day and then regressed. We struggled to keep the site open and keep him adjusted. After much struggling for about 10 weeks after the procedure I decided to go to mainly exclusively pumping. It was a hard struggle because I so did not want to do it again. I struggle so much to make enough with the pump and I was already worn out from trying so hard with Lane. However, thanks to a wonderful craniosacral therapist I was able to let go of my fears and start the transition. Lane did great on the bottle and was taking some days up to 40oz! I think he was trying to make up for lost time when he wasnt getting enough and was not growing. Obviously I don't make 40oz a day so we began supplementing with a hypoallergenic, non GMO formula. It still has corn syrup and oils but I wasn't sure if he would react to homemade goat formula since he reacts so negatively to legumes in my diet and a goats main food is alfalfa. I have recently started him on a homemade formula and we will see how that goes. So fingers crossed because I would rather give him real food than the fake stuff. I still nurse him a little at night and it is still extremely painful, especially now that he has teeth and occasionally bites. I know I should just give it up since it is painful, but it seems I can't. I have recently started seeing a lady who goes a form of bodywork called craniosacral fascial therapy (CFT) with Lane. I want to see if there is anyone who can keep him in alignment since I know it is not good for him to be out of alignment. The funny thing is that he remains stagnant in a developmental milestone like, lifting head, rolling, etc. until we start bodywork again. This whole last month he has just been rolling and hasn't even attempted to crawl. We took him once to the CFT and the next day he started showing interest in crawling and is rocking on his hands and knees now. The same thing happened after we had him adjusted out east. We came home and he started lifting his head better and rolling. I am not holding out any hope that this therapy will help him nurse better but I just feel a sense that we should continue doing this. So as of right now I am pumping 7-8x a day and making anywhere from 24-26oz a day. Lane is taking about 32-36oz a day. It is still hard some days especially when I see other moms nursing. It makes my heart sad.

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  1. That's really interesting the correlation between his development & the bodywork. Good thing you are such an in-tune mama & you see these connections!!
    I understand what you mean about sadness in your last sentence. Though nursing hasn't been a struggle for me, as you know there are other areas of motherhood that cause the same response for me. Hugs to you.