Sunday, July 14, 2013

Duluth Babymoon

I was so excited to get to plan another babymoon. I call it that because I know after the baby comes it will at least be a year or longer before Chris and I get a full night away. We went to Two Harbors last time and thought it would be fun to actually stay in Duluth this time.

We had a great time just relaxing and enjoying some of the fun attractions Duluth has to offer. Chris jokes we have to go there once when I am not pregnant so we can actually do the white water rafting and rock climbing. We spent some time in canal park, went hiking in Tetaguchee Park, and spent a lot of time eating wonderful food! Surprisingly Duluth actually has many restaurants that offer wonderful gluten free choices. Usually when we go out to eat you ask for the gluten free options and you get to choose from two things or they tell you to order meat and veggies without seasoning. Not so in Duluth. We found a wonderful place called the Duluth Grill that had lots of gluten and vegan/vegetarian options. They also used almost all local and organic ingredients. Plus the food was amazing!! If you ever go to Duluth don't hesitate to stop there. It might not look that fancy from the outside but the food is very good. We ate there many times and were never disappointed.

Our first day we spent hanging out in Canal Park shopping and watching the ships come in
Huge Ships coming in. They look so small out on the water but once they get close you realize how big they are.
The bridge that lifts up to let the ships go through

One of the lighthouses by the bridge.

Chris's yummy fish taco's at Dultuh Grill
I told Chris I would allow myself one Caribou iced coffee this pregnancy, but when I saw an organic iced coffee made with fair trade chocolate, coconut milk, and fresh coconut whipped cream I couldn't resist. And I was glad I didn't, it tasted so good! Better than Caribou and better for me too. 

Spinach and artichoke dip with gluten free bread. Yum!

Thai Chicken Pizza
The pizza was so good. Unfortunately all the dairy upset my stomach :(
Pictures of the crazy and most uncomfortable bathroom I have ever used. I walked in on a guy washing his hands turned beet red and went out the door. Then I realized it was all together. They had separate sides for the stalls but you all met in the middle to wash your hands. It was so strange!
At our tour of the Glensheen Mansion

On the beach

They had some gorgeous bridges and rivers by the Glensheen.

It was so beautiful. We just did the standard tour but I would love to go back and do the extended. It was such a cool house. I love old architecture and am fascinated by history so it was so much fun for me. Surprisingly Chris really enjoyed it too!

Our last day we spent up at Enger Tower. It was the perfect morning for it and the views were incredible. They had awesome gardens and it was free so that was good :)

Enger Tower

Hiking at Tetaguchee. We love Tetaguchee because it is actual hiking along the cliffs. I was nervous how I would do because the last time we hiked I was only 18 weeks along and this time I was 25 weeks. I was definitely tired by the end of the day but surprisingly I made it through our 6 miles of hiking that day! I was also glad I made it through without having to stop and squat behind a tree :)

The views were breathtaking!

We had to take most of the pictures on Chris's phone because it was raining when we first started hiking. Thankfully it quit and didn't start again til we were done with our hiking for the day.

In front of a yummy Italian place we found.
We had a wonderful trip and I was so sad when it was over. I missed Scarlett though and was glad to get home to her. She was glad to see us too, but was sad to leave Grandpa and Grandma's. 

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