Friday, July 5, 2013

Big Girl Bed and Potty Training

It has been awhile since I have updated on how Scarlett is doing. Seriously, I love this little girl so much and she is such a joy. She has grown so much and I cannot believe she is now pretty much fully potty trained and sleeping in a big girl bed. *sigh* It kinda makes me sad she is growing up so fast but I am so thankful she will be old enough to do a few things on her own before the baby comes.

Potty training actually turned out to be fairly easy. She had been sitting on the toilet when I knew she had to go to the bathroom before she turned two. After she turned two she went through a spell where she just did not want to sit on the toilet. I was disheartened, but I decided not to push it because I knew with her personality the more I pushed her to do it the harder she would resist me. She unfortunately gets this stubbornness and independence from her mother's side of the family. So I just let it go but kept encouraging her to go and always asking. I offered a juice plus gummy every time she peed and a sucker made with brown rice syrup every time she pooped on the toilet. Eventually she started to try to go to get the gummies or suckers. It took a couple of months but  now she knows when she has to go and very rarely will have an accident unless her stools are loose or she is having to much fun playing. She even wears underwear at night. I know she could possibly back track when the baby comes and that's okay because we will just keep doing the same thing. I know she won't be in diapers forever. I think it is true what I have heard some other parents say that they just naturally will do it when they are ready.

Transitioning to a big girl bed was even easier. She was so excited about it and could not wait to sleep in it. She never tries to get out and will just talk and sing to her stuffed animals til she falls asleep. Occasionally she will want us to lay with her for a few minutes but then she is okay to be by herself. She is really loving calling herself a "big girl" and doing all the things big girls do. She is still miss independent and I have to be patient to wait the extra 5 minutes it takes for her to put on her shoes or shirt herself. She is always wanting to help me sweep, mop, or clean the bathroom so I indulge her and give her a rag or broom. Sometimes I get frustrated because it would take so much less time to just do it myself, but I have to remind myself she is learning and it is good she wants to help. She is also still very curious about the world around her and is always asking me what I am doing.

Her new nickname is little monkey because she is always climbing and hanging on things. Her favorite place is definitely the park and she continually asks to go there. I think we will put her in gymnastics next year because she has tons of energy, loves to climb, and is super flexible.

She is also very artsy. Not sure where she got this except Chris's mom used to paint. She loves anything to do with coloring or painting (even unfortunately on the walls!).

She is very interested in babies and I hope this will play out to my advantage when little boy makes his appearance. She has felt him move and seems excited but I am sure she doesn't really understand all that will happen.

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