Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bathroom Remodel and craziness

We just got started with our bathroom remodel last week and are in the process of switching Scarlett to the bigger room and our office to the smaller one. It has been kinda crazy and hectic around here since then. We only have the one bathroom in our old house and it was in desperate need of a remodel. We were also in desperate need of a shower! I am so excited to have it done before the baby comes but it is also causing a little bit of stress for me since I am in full nesting mode already. I want to be more prepared for this baby because I know that things will get even more hectic after he comes. Anyways here are some pictures of the bathroom before and what it is now. Hopefully they will be coming to tile on Monday and then get the shower ring up. My mother in law was kind enough to help my husband paint Scarlett's previous nursery to a more neutral color for an office. The rest of this week will most likely be spent moving all Chris's computer stuff over and figuring out what else I want to do in there. I have also been in the process of cleaning out the basement and hopefully soon can have a garage sale to get rid of things we don't need. I also have been organizing things for the baby. The last few weeks have been pretty good energy wise for me so that is a blessing. I still have to take breaks during the day and am exhausted by the end of the night but hopefully this energy will stay for a little while longer. Now if I could just sleep through the whole night! So if I don't update for awhile I am busy preparing and trying to keep my house somewhat organized and clean which is so hard to do when remodeling. 


In the process

Before - As you can see we desperately needed an update!
In the Process - I am so excited to actually have a vanity.

Scarlett's nursery before the paint job

After the painting 

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