Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's a..............


I was so excited to find out we are having a little boy!! My heart is so full of joy knowing everything on the ultrasound looked normal and I get to hold my little man sometime this coming October!! My heart is so full tonight it feels like it is going to burst. How you can love someone so much in such a short time without even knowing them yet, is something only a mother could know. Tears rolled down my eyes as I watched my little boy move, kick, and touch his face. It is such a wonderful thing to get to be a mother and carry a little life around inside of you. I love laying in bed at night watching Chris's eyes light up as he holds his hand on my belly and feels this little guy do summersaults. It is such a miracle and I am in awe every day! 

We decided to do a gender reveal party tonight just for our immediate family even though we just found out today too! I am not good at keeping secrets so the sooner we did the party the less chance I would slip. Although I still said "he" to my mother in law when looking at ultrasound pictures! Whoops! Plus my sister was so excited she called me this morning at 7:30am and was so excited she had trouble sleeping the night before. She couldn't make it to the party but was texting me the whole time asking if she could know yet. The funny thing is is that we almost had to cancel the party because when we first got there little guy was in a tight little ball and wouldn't budge. I had to go to the bathroom 2 times, lay on my side for 10 minutes, and do a few jumping jacks before he would finally stretch out so we could tell. 

At the party my Mom got the winning cupcake with the blue frosting in the middle. Everyone at the party guessed boy so they were all very excited they guessed it right!

Our guessing station!
Yummy Gluten Free Cupcakes

Everyone chose a bow

 I loved having a little party and making it more of a surprise. We didn't do a huge party but it was still kinda fun to have a little party with our close family. 


  1. Congratulations!!! So happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet the little man! The cupcakes look wonderful, how did you make the blue frosting?!

    1. Thanks Stacie!! I can't wait to meet him too :) I actually got the food coloring at Sydney's. They carry the natural stuff now. It seemed to work good for the pale blue I wanted :)

  2. Oh, sweet get to have a boy, too. :) (I read this right away when you posted it, I'm just now taking the time to comment...)
    Your party looks like a fun way to announce who you're all waiting to meet.
    When used to find out the gender (we did not find out with the first, then did with the next six, then have not found out with the last three) I would ask the kids their guesses and we would write it down. They were usually correct and I was usually wrong!

    I, too, was wondering about the cupckaes. If you get a chance, could you maybe post the recipe or send it to me on fb? Also, what is Sydney's? Is it in F/Mhd?

    1. I am almost embarrased to say this but I was in such a rush I actually used a gluten free/ dairy free package mix for the cupcakes :) I made special frosting (