Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Joys of Morning Sickness and Belly Pics

Wonderful morning sickness. I was hopeful that I would be fortunate enough to miss it this time. I was not so lucky. I don't think unless you have gone through it you can totally understand it. I actually had someone tell me all I had to do was think positively that I would have no morning sickness and it would be gone. Yeah! I am not kidding. At that point as I had already throw up 5 times that day I wanted to punch them in the face. That was not the thing I needed to hear. Thankfully I had friends who encouraged me and reminded me that I could get through it taking it one day or sometimes one hour at a time. They also reminded me that at the end I would be rewarded with a beautiful little one! It was so much harder to keep up with everything this time. My days were pretty much spent on the couch with the TV on for Scarlett. I know she watched way too much TV, but at that point it was all about surviving. I think that is a good way of describing it. Our family went into survival mode. 


Differences between my pregnancy with Scarlett and this one. A little bigger this time :)

Weeks 4-5 were great. I felt slightly tired but was feeling no nausea and only some slight food aversions. I was hopefully I would feel good this time around.

Then week 6 came barreling in like a freight train and the nausea, food aversions, and heartburn were intense. Seriously, I felt like the only thing I could get down was crackers and some fruits for awhile. If you asked me to eat meat, veggies, or basically anything good for you I about gagged. I had all day nausea with Scarlett, but never the serious food aversions. Half way through week 6 my family came down with the stomach flu. I already felt awful so it was so hard to take care of everyone throwing up. I still hadn't thrown up but was having awful stomach pains and intense heartburn.

Week 7 everyone else was better but I was still nauseous. No throwing up yet but nausea by itself is not fun!  My house had turned into a disaster area and my daughter was surviving on chicken breast my wonderful friend cooked up for me, udi's bread with almond butter, enjoy life gluten free bars, raw veggies, and fruit. Basically anything that did not involve me cooking. At this point I had already lost 5 lbs and was praying for 12 weeks.

Week 8 was by far the worst. Chris left for a business trip and I was all alone. Thank goodness for my sister who let me hang out on her couch all day and cooked me some food I could stand to eat. The worst was the actual cooking of the food for me. It worked out nicely because Scarlett and my nephew Asher play so well together. By the end of week 8 Chris came home and I got really sick. I had awful stomach pains and was throwing up everything including water. I couldn't even keep a sip down. I called my midwife and she said I should go in if I couldn't keep water down the rest of the night. My husband left to go to a bachelor party in Lutsen by Duluth for one of his friends and lets just say I was not happy! However, that night I started being able to keep some fluids down. Unfortunately, Chris got sick while he was there and had to drive back feeling pretty awful. It was a long week and I lost another 3lbs.

Week 9 the nausea was hit or miss. Some days were worse than others but I was having periods during the day where I was feeling okay. I was also starting to be able to eat a little more. I thought I was on the upswing.

Week 10 I started throwing up again. Mostly in the morning, but occasionally in the evening. I actually didn't mind throwing up all the time because I actually felt better when I did. I came to realize if I ate a hardboiled egg or protein shake in the morning I was less likely to throw up right away but it wasn't always the case.

Week 11 still throwing up but able to eat more and the food aversions are not quite as bad. Chris again had to travel for work and Scarlett got sick while he was gone. She had a really bad fever and her first trip to the walk in clinic. Thank goodness for my friend Dawn and my mother in law who came to help.

Week 12 I was feeling much better. Still occasionally threw up and had nausea, but the food adversions were going away and I could finally cook again! Lets just say my husband was very happy!

Week 13-14 still feeling pretty good with the occasional bout of nausea and vomiting. My energy is SLOWLY working its way back to normal and my house is finally somewhat clean.

All in all, the sickness in this pregnancy is very different from my sickness with Scarlett. With Scarlett I never threw up but the all day nausea started right away, was intense and ginger made it worse. I tried more protein, sea bands, B6, crackers, all flavors of gum, carbonated beverages, eating every hour, etc. but nothing worked. With this pregnancy not much worked to help but protein in the morning and cinammon gum helped a little to ward off the smells.

How bad was your morning sickness, when did it quit, and what helped you make it through?

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  1. There are no words to explain how terrible my morning sickness was with both Thomas and Jaxon. It lasted my entire pregnancies. The only thing that made me feel a bit better was taking fresh lemon slices and putting them into a mug of hot water then slowly sipping. It was honestly the hardest thing in my life to go through. I can relate. Thomas lived off what he could grab himself. Crackers, string cheese, etc... I felt like a terrible mother and wife, but rarely left the couch. My house was dang near unlivable. Tj would work so hard all day then come home and have to cook, clean, and take care of Thomas. He never once complained. There were times I didn't know how much longer I could go on like that. In the end it was with out a doubt worth it all! We all lived through it!! Love you and thinking about you. Thanks for sharing. I'm standing here with tears in my eyes, because I do know what you are going through.