Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Love Letter To My Body

I was really prompted by my friend Vanessa's post on a letter to you body. I have been thinking about writing about this topic lately but just couldn't seem to get it typed out. It has been awhile since I have truly blogged about my feelings so I thought this was the perfect way to start again. 

Deep breath..... This topic is a hard one for me. Write a love letter to your body. Uffda! Where do I even start. Here it goes.

Dear body,

I am sorry! I am so sorry for never loving or respecting you the way I should have. I am sorry for always calling you fat. I am sorry for being ashamed of you. I am sorry for always wishing you looked like another persons body. I am sorry for all of the times throughout middle school and high school I made you throw up all of the food that was there to nourish you. I am sorry for all the times I only fed you shakes and diet pills for weeks. I am sorry for measuring your worth based on a number on the scale or jean size. I am sorry for not taking better care of you than I have.

At 23 years old I have not cherished you the way that I should have. I have spent most of my life wishing you were different. Wishing I had bigger boobs and smaller hips and thighs.

 But no more! I will spend no more of my life wishing you were different. I will spend no more of my time judging your worth based upon a number on a scale or jean size. I will feed you good food and give you exercise not to attain a certain number, but to be healthy, feel good and be strong.

I will remember that you were created by God and that He made you perfect and just the way He wanted. Yes, you may not live up to society's view of perfect, but you are perfect to God.  He made you to worship and love Him. We are called to "Praise Him, for we are Fearfully and Wonderfully made" (psalm 139:14).

Image via: http://spiritualinspiration.tumblr.com

Today I am also thankful for a husband who loves you. Who thinks you are perfectly beautiful. Dimply butt, sagging breasts, and all.

And lastly, thank you body for allowing me to carry life inside of you. Thank you for my beautiful baby girl! For getting me through through 3 days of back labor and helping me to provide at least a small amount of breastmilk to nourish her. For helping me get through the long sleepless nights. For allowing me to snuggle in close with Scarlett as she sleeps and feel content knowing she is next to me. I want to love you, so that she will grow up learning to love herself for how God made her. That she will not have to struggle as I did.

No more will I criticize you in the mirror scrutinizing every single thing that doesn't equal perfection to the world. I try to no longer look longingly at others wishing I looked like them. I am going to try to cherish you from this day on. 

Praising you for all of the good things you have allowed me to accomplish!

I'm linking up with SheLoves Magazine to celebrate our bodies just as they are. Feel free to write your own love letter to your body.


  1. Megan, I totally relate to how hard it is to push that 'publish' button. You feel so vulnerable. I'm so glad you did. Absolutely beautiful letter.

    1. Thank you Meg! And thank you for challenging me to write this letter. It has been such a healing experience for me!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and touching letter Megan! Thank you so much for being brave and sharing! There is such freedom in sharing, isn't there?

  3. Megan.....,great article. Remind me of my cousins' wife up in Brockport, NY

    Hey, a search brought me to your site as I am looking for the owner of the 'YOU ARE' . jpg that you used. The link underneath takes me to a dead page. Could you tell me who owns or where you found it? I'd like to use it on a non profit page I'm creating... a private email address to reach me with any help you can be (or can't be!) would be very much appreciated! cuzinjules@gmail.com thank you...


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