Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Child: Part 2

Guess who has learned to pull out chairs and climb onto tables. She thinks it is pretty funny, while her Mother does not!

Wordless Wednesday: First Time in the Sled

My New Hobby

Last year in the beginning of November I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. The main reason was because I wanted to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. After many nights of trial and error, I have found a new hobby I love! I was taught the basic single stitch by my great grandma when I was younger, but that was as far as my skills went. She gave me a learn to crochet book that I had kept and used that to learn more stitches and how to read the pattern. Here are some of the projects I have completed so far.

 Headband and Queen Anne's Lace scarf for my mom for Christmas

 Basic Double Crochet scarf for my dad

 Toddler Booties for Scarlett (these were a lot of trial and error
but loved how they turned out!)

 Toddler Booties on

 Newborn Hat for cousins baby

 Another hat for cousins baby

Bobble Blanket for cousins baby
Monkey Hat ( I like it but want to try it with chunky yarn next time)

Sleeping Beauty

We always have to fight Scarlett to get her to take her naps. I literally have to hold her down for a few minutes then she will usually drift off. However, this particular day she was not having a nap. My husband held her for over an hour then decided to just let her go because maybe she wasn't going to take a nap. He went upstairs for a moment and came down to this. She had crawled up in her seat and fell asleep. Why she choose this over the couch we will never know!