Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Oklahoma Christmas: Part 2

The second installment of our Oklahoma Christmas. These pictures are from Christmas eve and Christmas day!

 First taste of Lutefisk! It is must since we are Norwegian.
We actually had to bring it down from MN with us since
they have no clue what lutefisk is down there. And guess what?
She actually liked it! A true Norwegian girl!

 Her FAVORITE thing to do is color!

 Daddy even let her color on Mommy's present! 

 The Family (Dad, Mom, Morgan my brother's girlfriend,
and Cody)

 He will dislike me for putting this up, but here is a goofy
pic of my brother Cody!

 Opening a couple of presents on Christmas eve

 She got this ADORABLE apron from Grandma to wear
when she helps Momma bake!

 She was way more interested in her spoon than the present!

 She wanted to hide the spoon underneath the wrapping paper.

 Finally she decided to open it!

 Yay! Puzzles. Another favorite!

 Back to coloring!

 Got bored, so of course she decided to climb on Momma's
present. Good thing it wasn't breakable!

 Lots of open mouthed and long kisses! 

 Christmas morning. Of course back to coloring!

 A new sippy so we can start making the transition from the bottle!

 Her new favorite toy. A $3 phone!

 Let's see whats in here

 New hair clips!

 More learning games!

 Back to the cheap phone!

 Of course the phone is way better than the more expensive
rocking horse!

 Stopping for a snack. Seriously she eats little bits all day.
If she gets crabby the best best is to give her a little bit of food, 
then she is fine.

Okay I guess I can ride the rocking horse. But she 
wanted it to move like the car my sister gave her!

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