Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Oklahoma Christmas: Part 1

This year Chris and I decided to take a trip down to Oklahoma to visit my parents, who winter down there. We were very excited and nervous on how it was going to go traveling with extremely active little Scarlett who does not particularly like the car unless she is sleeping. Because of this reason we decided to travel through the night. Besides Chris and I being exhausted the next day, all went well.
Sleeping in the car! Of course she pulls her socks off! You can see one on her shoulder.

Hanging outside with Daddy in 60 degree weather!

Petting Grandpa's horse. I think she is going to be an animal lover because
she cannot get enough of them!

On to the next horse! Momma was more nervous than Scarlett.
I kept worrying they would nip her. Funny how you worry about
those things when you become a mom!

Of course she wanted to go off on her own!

But it's always good to come back to Grandma's legs for comfort!

And she's off again!

Walking to Dad. Surprisingly she did really good over
the uneven ground and in too big of shoes. I had to put
them on her though because they matched her outfit:)

Playing with Dad!

Ever so curious!

I just love this photo!

And this one too!

She LOVES her gramps!

She is just to darn cute. Don't you just want to 
squeeze her?

Grandpa's legs are pretty safe too!

Of course she LOVES Annie, my parents dog. Dogs
are by far her favorite!

She had so fun outside and would sit and whine by the door until 
we took her outside again. I am in trouble this Spring! She
will never want to be inside!

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