Monday, December 12, 2011

Yep, I drive to put my child to sleep

Oh, sleep! One of the most talked about parenting topics. This last weekend at a scrapbook retreat I bet I had at least 3 long conversations about sleep. Everyone I meet asks, "So is she or when did she start sleeping through the night?" Sometimes I don't mind the question, but somedays I really don't want to get into the conversation because I know what some of them are going to say.  Scarlett has never been a very good sleeper. She still doesn't always sleep through the night. Since about 9 months the majority of the time she does, but that is not always the case. She mainly sleeps in her crib, but she does end up in bed with us some nights. And yes, I still occasionally give her a bottle at night. I have a loose bedtime routine, but I don't have a very set schedule. She usually goes to bed inbetween 7:30 and 8:30. She used to fall asleep on the bottle, but now she will finish the bottle and lay awake with us on the couch for a little while before falling asleep. So she is learning to fall asleep without the bottle. She doesn't always nap and I am desperate enough some days to take her out for a drive to get her to fall asleep. I don't think she always necessarily needs a nap because she sleeps enough during the night, but somedays I just want the time to relax.

And while I appreciate everyone giving me advice on how to get her to sleep (which mostly entails letting her cry-it-out) I am okay with the sleeping arrangement we have now. Don't get me wrong some nights are hard and I am so tempted to just let her cry, but I know that she usually has some reason for being up. Just last night she was up all night and I could not figure out why she was crying. Here her diaper needed to be changed. She is teething and has acidic poop and it was causing her to get a very bad diaper rash. If I had just let her cry she would have sat in that poop all night. Sure I am a little bit more cranky today because of less sleep, but I keep reminding myself it is just the season of life that I am in right now and before I know it she will be grown up. I know one day I will be able to just put her to bed and she will fall asleep. That time has not yet come but I know that it will. Here is post that explains my reasoning for not following the cry it out method And while I know some wonderful parents who follow this method and it is totally their choice I have chosen not to.

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  1. This, too, shall pass. :) I could never do CIO, either.