Monday, December 12, 2011

Pink Ladybug 1st Birthday Party

So this last weekend was we celebrated Scarlett's 1st Birthday with a pink ladybug themed party! Wow, I cannot believe my little girl is one. She technically doesn't turn one until December 14th, but we had the party early because my parents are heading south for the winter. It was a wonderful day and I cannot believe that there wasn't even snow on the ground (very strange for December in Minnesota).

After stressing out for two weeks trying to get everything ready and keep my house clean (not an easy feat with a one year old who doesn't nap very much anymore), the big day finally arrived.
Scarlett month by month

Decorations for the party. I made the sign using my cricut. 
It was the first time I had used it for anything but scrapbooking.

The Little Birthday Girl

White chocolate covered pretzels with pink sprinkles.

Ladybug cake pops my friend and I made. I had never made cake pops before. 
They were super easy but very time consuming.

 Her GORGEOUS cake made by a friend! It was almost too
cute to cut. 

 Personalized water bottles

 Yummy food

 Scarlett, Grandpa, and Charlie

 I'm One!

 She was kinda unsure what to do

 Momma had to help blow out the candles

 Okay I can eat a polka dot!

 She LOVES her cousin Mason!

 Okay I guess I like this cake stuff!

 Giving baby kisses!

 Just had to put this one in because she is so darn cute!

 Of course she loves the laptop. She is her father's daughter :)

 Mad momma took it away so she could finish opening presents :(

 Five Generations

 Scarlett with Grandpa and Grandma

Uncle Cody and Scarlett

Overall, we had a wonderful day! Scarlett and I were both so tired we slept really good that night. 
Happy early birthday to my beautiful little girl!


  1. Love this! You and are so much alike in planning parties for our little ones. I love, love party planning and making a big deal about their birthday. So glad you had so much fun! Love the pictures.

  2. Amazing decorations and such a cute theme! Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

  3. Scarlett is looking very cute in these pictures. It looks like a fun party. Have been busy with decorations for my son’s 2nd birthday which is this weekend. Just booked the prettiest event venue in LA for the party but I’ll be doing all decorations by myself. My husband is in charge of the cake, as he is awesome at baking.