Friday, November 11, 2011

Spending time with Hubby

Chris and I recently got to go on our first overnight vacation away from Scarlett. It was hard to leave her with Grandma but I knew that Chris and I needed time away. Not that we don't love being with our daughter, but I believe it is extremely important to keep a close relationship with your husband. I think it is hard sometimes as a mom to be able to give time to your husband when you are so busy taking care of the children. This time away was good for us to reconnect and keep the romance alive. So anyways for our getaway we went to Bemidji to see Skillet. For those of you who don't know Skillet is an AMAZING rock Christian group. Chris and I have went to almost every concert they have had within 2 hours of us since we started dating. So far we have been to 5 concerts. We left in the early afternoon and were able to go out to eat before the concert. The concert was awesome. We were in the fourth row and even got to touch John Copper's (the lead singer) hand!! The other bands opening for Skillet were We as Human, Manafest, and Disciple. The next day we got to spend time at Itasca State Park. It was beautiful and actually very warm for November!

I feel like a monster! I totally want a little skillet onesie with that saying on it for Scarlett! 

At Itasca!

All in all, we had a wonderful time, but I was very happy to get home to Scarlett. She did pretty well at Grandma's and was only up a couple of times so it went better than I thought it would.

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  1. Oh, I bet that was FUN to be just the two of you! My nephew and brother-in-law are CRAZY Skillet fans, so I've heard of them. Good for you guys!