Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scarlett's Wellness Check-up

Yesterday we had Scarlett's wellness check-up. She weighed in at 17.9lbs. She is still a peanut in the 10th percentile, but I am not worried about her weight anymore. I have decided that I don't think I am really going to do wellness check-ups anymore and will just take her to the doctor when needed. I have also just thought about taking her to Dr. Molly my midwife who is also a naturopathic doctor, but of course insurance doesn't cover those type of visits. I always wonder why insurance doesn't cover natural medicine? Anyways Scarlett is doing perfectly fine and is meeting all of her milestones. We haven't done any vaccines and I am not sure if we are going to or not. I got the "stink-eye" from the nurse practitioner we see and the lecture about how I really should consider getting her vaccinated soon. I continually go back and forth. I was trained as a nurse so you are basically indoctrinated into the belief that every child should have every single vaccine because the diseases will come back if you don't. And I get this idea because children can die from some of these diseases and do, but I also fear some of the things they put into the vaccines. So long story short we haven't done vaccines yet and I am not worrying to much about it since Scarlett is home with me and has been given breastmilk. By the way I am so excited because I counted ounces in the freezer last night and if she continues eating the same amount we will make it to 1 year! God bless my milk donating momma's!


  1. I encounter so many of the same things for making decisions regarding my children that are not "the norm" according to the medical community. YOU get to make the decisions, Mama! Good for you for learning early on how to "stand up for yourself" in how you raise your children!

  2. Thanks Melissa! It is hard to stand up for yourself sometimes, but totally worth it when it comes to your children!