Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Potty Time

My original plan was to do some communication elimination but because of all the nursing issues it got pushed to the side. However, I started putting Scarlett on the toilet before her bath and making the grunting and sssing sounds you are supposed to make. The first night she started grunting like me and grunted so hard she peed. I was so excited! So now every time I take her to the bathroom with me or say the word potty she starts grunting, then gets excited when I take out the potty. About half of the time she pees and I have caught 2 poops so far! I am glad she likes it and hope this means she will potty train early!

 Sitting on the toilet!

This is how she runs around after sitting on the toilet :) She has had such bad diaper rash from teething that I thought some air might do her bum some good. Unfortunately I now have some human pee stains on my carpet to add to the ones Charlie our dog made while we were potty training him!

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