Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My little 8 month old!

Scarlett is now 8 months old! A lot has changed even in the past few weeks. She is growing up way to fast!
 Playing in her toys. She is now getting up and standing on everything! I guess it is time to start baby proofing the house!

This is her favorite place to be in the kitchen. She loves looking at her reflection and yelling Ma-ma-ma!

 Trying to get over the gate. Sometimes she just sits there and cries because the gate is in the way and she can't get to her favorite toy, the dog's water dish!

Just lately she started crawling normally. Surprisingly she is pretty fast, however if she really wants to move she still reverts to using the army crawl.


Just a couple of days ago I ran up the stairs to grab something and came back down to this! Little Stinker! Time to break out the baby gates for the stairs I guess.

I can't believe how much she is changing and growing. I feel like she has been with us forever, but time seems to have flown by. I am enjoying this stage much better than the colicky newborn stage. She is so fun to interact and play with. She loves her puppies, anything that is not a toy and she shouldn't be playing with, and most of all me! It can be challenging at times, but it melts my heart when she gets upset when anyone else is holding her and reaches for me yelling mama. We are working on some baby sign language. I know she understands some words but the only one she has started sign is "more". She LOVES her baby food and has started to enjoy baby mum-mum's and cheerios. How she can eat so much and still be so little sometimes baffles me. Then I am reminded of how much she moves throughout the day. She occasionally sleeps through the night, but is usually up at least once or twice during the night. She did go through a spurt of about 2 weeks where she was up 5-6times a night. Thank goodness that only lasted 2 weeks!

All is all, she is a much happier baby now that she can move. She loves for us to help her walk and I am sure she will be even happier when she can do it herself. She is one determined little girl!