Friday, July 29, 2011

A pumping we will go!

I just thought I would put together some tips for pumping while on the go. Chris and I recently took our first overnight trip away from home with Scarlett and I have had to travel to Fargo many times in the past month so learning how to pump on the go has been a must for me.

Pumping in the car/ while driving

Okay, okay so I know what your thinking, pumping while driving! Yes, it is wonderful way to get your pumps in. It is multi-tasking at its best.

1. Hands Free Bra

It is actually easier than it sounds with the wonderful invention of the hands free pumping bra. I just put of the hands free bra before leaving the house.

2. Nursing Cover

When I get into the car I put on my nursing cover, put the horns in the bra, put on my seat belt, then hook up the bottles. The tubing then hooks up to the bottles and you can start the pump.

3. Battery pack or car adapter

 I forgot to mention your pump either needs a battery pack or you need a car adapter. I use a car adapter because I think the suction is better than with the battery pack.

2. Coolers

It is so important to remember to bring coolers for the milk you pump out and for your pumping parts. One of the biggest tricks I learned is that you can rinse out your pumping parts and store them in the fridge for the next time you pump. This trick saves you so much time because you don't have to wash your parts so much. It also saves you money because you don't have to buy as many sets of pumping parts.

3. Medela Quick Clean Wipes

Medela Quick Clean Wipes for Breast Pump & Accessories - 24 Pk - Medela  - Babies"R"UsThese are awesome and replace the need for water. So when you are done pumping just wipe your parts off with these and store them in the cooler.  So easy!

I am sure there are many more tips out there, but these specific ones have helped me so much. I am learning new things everyday about different ways to pump. One lady even pumped while cooking, cleaning, and walking the dog with her battery powered pump with a back pack!! I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get those pumps in, because it definitely is a challenge some days.

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