Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandma Approves

A few nights ago I went to my Aunt's 50th birthday party and of course took Scarlett with. I am not really shy about feeding in public, but I usually use a cover. However, I had forgotten my cover at home and Scarlett was getting pretty cranky. So I grabbed the next best thing to a cover, her blanket. Much to my dismay Scarlett was not cooperating and did not want that blanket covering her. So I just tried the best I could and hoped not too much was showing. I wasn't sure how my family would react since I know many of them did not breastfeed, so when my great grandma leaned over to talk to me I was expecting the worst. My great grandma is a pretty candid person and she tells you exactly what she thinks. I guess she has the right to, I mean she is 94 years old! So here she is leaning over to talk to me and I am just sweating bullets which is probably due to the heat Scarlett and the blanket are putting off and the fact I am nervous about what my great grandma is about to say to me. I figured she would tell me I need to cover myself up more or I really shouldn't be nursing in front of all these people.

 But no, much to my surprise she leans over and says 

"I think it is so wonderful you are nursing your baby."

My first thought was "Wait. What.  Did Grandma just say that?"

My second thought was "Wow. How awesome!"

That minute I quit being shy about feeding her, and she got a big gulp of milk because I let down :) If Grandma approves, who cares what anyone else thinks :) 


  1. That's SO cool! I'm not really sure how my grandma feels about me breastfeeding, but I'm sure she won't be crazy about it now that India is almost 9 months. Oh well. :)