Monday, April 25, 2011

Four Month Checkup

Scarlett is up to 11lbs 13oz and 24 in long. She is still in the 10-15th percentile for weight and just above the 25th percentile for height. She gained a whole 1lb this last month. Not to much, but considering I didn't supplement to much this last month it is a success. The nurse practitioner said she would like to see her gain a little bit more, but is not overly worried because she is right on track with all her developmental milestones. It is hard not to worry when you have a small baby, but I just keep telling myself she looks healthy, is pretty content most of the time, and her dad is small too. Plus she has never lost weight, she is just gaining really slowly. I really wanted to do baby led weaning, but if she can't keep her weight up I will have to just follow La Leche League's recommendations for introducing foods.


  1. And the hardest part of having a small baby is how often people try to let you know about it! "Ohhhh, she's so *tiny*, isn't she?" as they look at you expectantly (and it feels like pointedly).

    Or, they tell you how their baby(ies) were all HUGE and weighed such and such by the time they were such and such old.
    As if they are doing things "better" because their baby is bigger. Blech.

    Puh-LEASE! My baby is my baby and it's ok if s/he is not growing the same as yours did. Ugh.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself!! Thanks Melissa! You always make me feel good!